Behind the Scenes

As titles get longer and words get added to the dictionary that turn into jobs that become irreplaceable on the journey to success, explaining our job in today’s world can be done in two ways.

We can tell you all about the grueling research and analysis, the standard practice steps taken, tested and fine-tuned towards connectivity, measurement, optimization and integration, the wizard scroll of studies into consumer behavior, experience and brand equity and the infinite amount of tools that pop up every day and become integral in the process of digitization…or we can just tell you what keeps us up at night.

Our job is the product of an interesting paradox: why is it that consumer memory is limited when it comes to brands, but unlimited when it comes to late night TV show and movie binges that sometimes lead all the way back to silent films and useless trivia?

It took us years and many notes, but we finally figured it out.

The answer is simple: human beings are drawn to meaningful stories.

To make it in today’s world, brands need to find a way to tell meaningful stories that resonate with the consumer and provide a product that not only serves to increase convenience, need or luxury; but also add to his quality of life.

So, we made it our job to tell meaningful brand stories.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not a game of musical chairs either. A lot of the process can be boiled down to this: Does your brand fit in the larger picture? Does your brand stir human emotion, even on a virtual or abstract level? Does your brand inspire people to think long enough to stop in their tracks at the department store, or scroll back up to check if they missed something?

And most importantly: Does your brand create meaning in your consumers’ lives?

A lot of business owners miss out on one little fact: consumers are not just consumers, they are also people.

And the only reason people do things is because they were moved by to do it.

Mobilizing consumer action is not an elaborate con job, it’s a human gesture. People get up in the morning every day and go to work because they love their children, their spouses and feel the drive of ambition and fulfillment. They take up hobbies and sports that help them define who they are or reflect who they are as individuals.

They also shop for brands that stand for something, mean something, say something or do more than just offer a value proposition.

Crafting meaningful brand experiences is integral in creating a brand that stands the test of time and breaks through the rush of everyday life, and the essence of it boils down to a simple, standard industry practice: making people care.

At MagnaBlitz, we go the extra mile to help businesses find their true value for customers, and optimize the presentation, production and delivery of their offering throughout the buying cycle; connecting them with their customers in all the ways that really count.