Teach a Man to Fish

History is riddled with stories of strife and survival, of trials and tribulations, of struggling and overcoming.

As every nation exited its dark economic times, opportunities were plentiful but short-lived. Nature helpfully reminded us: where there are survivors there are predators, and where there is a land of happily ever after, there is always competition.

Every economic boom was timed; 30 years of success, 60 years of success, 100 years of success, then the curtains fall, and a market leader emerges; titling the memory of the many over the investment of the few.

Big names litter the globe’s brand roster; promising quality, safety, affordability, and delivering on their brand promises.

Leaving very little room for the little man.

Businesses who could not carve their niche into the world’s tree were quickly forgotten, along with their efforts, energy, time and turmoil.

Then came their Hail Mary.

The introduction of digital platforms into the world evened the playing field, allowing small businesses to enjoy their share in the limelight alongside the industry tycoons and peddle their products and services those who may have a need for their offering.

Long before the digital swoop, marketing was the art of equal opportunity in a world where only the fittest, fastest and smartest could survive; swaying the odds of success to those ambitious soft speakers who could translate cold specs into human benefits, and making room for more people on the expansive stage of consumer memory.

With every passing day, marketing proves that there is more room wherever people are willing to listen.

As practitioners and aficionados of this art, our daytime job as soldiers of marketing, digitization and sales was not enough. So, we decided to go out at night and turn the tide of possibility for those who needed our help.

Our belief in giving back to the community comes with the knowledge of wielding that powerful axe of prospect to deliver digital vigilante justice. At MagnaBlitz, we mentor startups in the art of marketing; giving them the tools to reach the market with the idea that drove them to invest their time, energy and resources into making it a reality.

This effort is as exhausting as it is stimulating, and we find ourselves learning as we put on our teaching hats and go into the crowds of ventures, startups and organizations that make it their 9-to-5 to help people with their products and services and make the world a better place.

They say mentorship is educational on both ends, and they are not wrong. However, they did miss out on one small fact: it is also infinitely inspiring.