IDIA Design

IDIA is an innovative design company focused on architecture and community design.

We are working with IDIA on their digital strategy. Through innovative, educative and insightful posts; we are raising awareness about their brand and introducing people to their design-thinking process via social media channels.

Al-Haddad Telecom

With the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note FE in KSA, Al-Haddad Telecom was challenged to sell a large quantity of devices in a short period of time.The device had a negative reputation with consumers since it was following the Samsung Note 7 which had a faulty battery.

MagnaBlitz supported Al-Haddad Telecom through Digital Marketing in overcoming the past negative impression based on the Note 7 by highlighting the differences and features of the new Galaxy Note FE that utilize different ad types with expanded views such as; animated videos and canvas ads.

We monitored the conversions through a Facebook pixel inserted in the website to help optimize the campaign in real-time.

  • Platform: Facebook
  • Campaign objective: Conversions
  • Total served impressions: 9.5m
  • Total reach: 6.5m

Aptech – Taaleem

Through a long-term digital awareness strategy, we are slowly and surely building Aptech’s online presence; providing them with lead generating content and helping them launch their brand in Egypt.

On another note, we are assisting Aptech on the corporate sales level, by recommending possible re-seller options and strategies based on thorough research, and helping our client reach the most profitable deals.



Sky Care

Sky Care is a chain of phone maintenance shops located in more than 9 governorates in Egypt.

We are working with the Sky Care team on raising awareness about their brand, managing existing customers and bringing in more customers on social media. Through the use of consistent content and targeted Facebook ads, we are keeping their customers informed and engaged.

Moreover, we are also helping Sky Care with their customer service on social media; answering people’s inquiries about maintenance, usage and overall technicalities of Sky Care’s service.


All summer long, we drove their sales and generated leads through the latest online content and design trends. 30% of their unique customer traffic originated from social media.