IDIA Design

IDIA is an innovative design company focused on architecture and community design.

We are working with IDIA on their digital strategy. Through innovative, educative and insightful posts; we are raising awareness about their brand and introducing people to their design-thinking process via social media channels.

Sky Care

Sky Care is a chain of phone maintenance shops located in more than 9 governorates in Egypt.

We are working with the Sky Care team on raising awareness about their brand, managing existing customers and bringing in more customers on social media. Through the use of consistent content and targeted Facebook ads, we are keeping their customers informed and engaged.

Moreover, we are also helping Sky Care with their customer service on social media; answering people’s inquiries about maintenance, usage and overall technicalities of Sky Care’s service.

Alfa Romeo – Nile Engineering

Alfa Romeo’s fanbase was one we lovingly tended with caring, cautious hands.

For its content strategy, we chose to showcase the brand in its own spotlight; highlighting Alfa Romeo’s heritage and unique aesthetic design via stand-out images and “short but sweet” complimentary messages, with the occasional love-letter of a long post.